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B2N team

PI JOhanna kujala

Dr. Johanna Kujala is a Professor of Management and Organization at the Tampere University, School of Management and Business. She has an extensive teaching and supervising experience that covers courses at all university levels as well as adult and continuing education. She has published over 30 scholarly articles in international peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of the Executive Committee of European Business Ethics Network and a member of the review boards of Journal of Business Ethics and Business Ethics: A European Review. Her current research interests focus on stakeholder value creation, moral decision-making, and case studies on corporate responsibility.


Ari jokinen

Adjunct professor Ari Jokinen works as university researcher on issues of environmental policy and urban sustainability at the School of Management and Business, Tampere University. His research focuses on the perspectives of knowledge, strategies and the politics of nature. 
Recently he has studied how ecosystem services, urban technologies and collective food production take shape in urban regeneration and refresh policy choices in cities.


Anna heikkinen

Anna Heikkinen is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tampere University Faculty of Management and Business. She holds a PhD in management and organization studies from the Tampere University, Finland. Her research interests include corporate sustainability and climate change engagement, stakeholder theory and discourse analysis. Her work has been published in international journals, such as Journal of Business Ethics and Business Communication Quarterly. Apart from doing research, Anna spends time with horses and good books, and her cat.


hannele mäkelä

Dr Hannele Mäkelä holds a PhD in accounting (2013) and currently works as a senior lecturer in accounting at the Tampere University. In general she’s interested in the role of business in society and the impact of accounting in our everyday lives. Hannele's research is primarily in the areas of sustainability and critical accounting studies, examining the relationships between accounting and society  and drawing on literatures from sustainability, accountability, ethics and critical studies. “When not working you can find me training obedience with my two schnauzer dogs. Nature is where I go daily to 
get calm.“


Riikka tapaninaho

Riikka Tapaninaho is a PhD Student in management and organization studies at the Tampere University, School of Management and Business. Currently, her research interests include stakeholder value creation and corporate sustainability which are the main themes of her dissertation. Riikka is enthusiastic and passionate about her research as she is able to work with issues close to her heart and with inspiring people.


Outi Lehtonen has a masters degree in responsible business from the Tampere University. In general her interest are in social enterprises, sustainability and innovations. This freshly graduated researcher spends her free time with non-profit organizations and loads of good books. She is also a member of the board in European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) Finland.

graduation 1.jpg

Lara González Porras has a Master degree in Business Competence from the Tampere University. Currently, she is a doctoral student at Tampere University's Faculty of Management and Business. Her doctoral research focuses on stakeholder theory, a research field she is really passionate about. Lara is especially interested in stakeholder engagement, corporate-community relationships, stakeholder influences and stakeholder value. Her fields of interest also include corporate responsibility, business ethics and sustainability. During her free time, reading, travelling and dogs are Lara's other passion.

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